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November 7, 2003

Don’t Knock-Knock the Catechism

by David A. Zimmerman
Why is everyone so afraid of theology? Maybe one reason is that it's so darn wordy. For example, the Roman Catholic catechism runs 756 pages (plus an index) in a 1994 mass market edition. (Get it? “Mass market!” Ha!) Protestants don’t get it any easier—their systematic theologies run several volumes at a pop, and the really good ones are in German.

But is there really any reason to let theology get so complicated? I’ve written my own systematic theology, in fact, as a series of knock-knock jokes. They’re not only formative—they’re hilarious!

The Doctrine of Creation
Who’s there?
Nothing and Nobody.
Nothing and Nobody who?
Nothing and Nobody till I say so.
Who said that?

The Doctrine of God
Behold, I stand at the door and knock-knock.
Who’s there?
What? Who?
Come again?
OK, OK, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

The Doctrine of Humanity
Who’s there?
"Maid"? As in “Let’s hire a maid to clean up this mess"?
No, “Made,” as in “Made in the image of God.”
Oh, right, gotcha.

The Doctrine of Sin
Who’s there?
ssssssssssssss . . .
Who’s there?
sssssssssssss . . .
Really, who’s there?
Ssssssin is crouching at your door.
Ssssssin is crouching at your door who?
Oh, for the love of God . . .

The Doctrine of Salvation
Who’s there?
The Light of the World.
The Light of the World who? I don’t understand.
Right, like I didn’t see that coming.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Who’s there?
Wooooooosh who?
This is the way; walk in it.

The Doctrine of the Church
Who’s there?
We are.
We are who?
We are the body of Christ.
What? Who are the body of Christ?
The now and not yet.
All right, I'll bite: The now and not yet who?
The now and not yet kingdom of God.

The Doctrine of Last Things
Who’s there?
Finally! Come in!

OK, so it’s not as straightforward as I might have hoped. And perhaps “hilarious” was a little strong. But maybe it’s worth a few laughs. And at least it’s got a good punch line.

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