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February 6, 2004

Haiku: No Sweat

By David A. Zimmerman

Legend has it that Elvis Presley earned a black belt in karate in an unprecedented twelve days. That's eleven days, twenty-three hours and thirty minutes more training in karate than I've had in haiku. Enjoy.


I have a fireplace.
I used it two years ago,
But I'm cold right now.


Tammy Faye Messner:
Reality TV star
And sister in Christ.

[No response.]

Breakfast: what to eat?
A bowl of cereal or
Some nice, hot oatmeal?

Mmmmm . . . Oatmeal . . .

On my book table:
The Purpose-Driven Life; How
To Be a Villain.

[Snap-snap, snap-snap.]

I'm very busy.
Why am I writing haiku?
And yet I still write.

[The sound of a hand stroking a goatee.]

This is the coolest.
I want a haiku Bible.
I'm sure one's coming.


Check out my secret
Identity on the Web at

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