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June 30, 2005

Confessions of an Annoying Theater Goer

It's now been thirteen hours since I started watching Batman Begins last night. I know because I forgot to turn my timer off. I turned my PDA's timer on during the movie so I could reference scenes in a project I'm working on, with the added benefit that the glow from my PDA illuminated the page of notes I was taking.

So there I sat, in the center of the theater, munching on the ice from my Pibb X-tra, glowing, scribbling, crossing and uncrossing my legs. My friend leaned over and said, "Any way you could reduce the backlight on your PDA?" "Oops," I said.

My friend gave voice to what I'm now certain the people around me and perhaps throughout the theater were thinking: That guy sure is bright. Or more likely, come to think of it: That guy sure is annoying.

Technically, I had not violated any commonly held theater etiquette: My cell phone wasn't on, I wasn't kicking the seat of the person in front of me, I wasn't yelling at Bruce Wayne to watch out for that ninja! But I was annoying nonetheless. And for that I apologize to my friend and all his fellow theatergoers.

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