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March 29, 2006

Favorites & Other Ephemera

Because I'm lazy, and because one of my commenters raised such an insightful question, I thought I'd use said question as a springboard for another Strangely Dim entry. Read on and comment often.

2e writes:

So, I'd be lying to say I didn't add this blog to my favorites. But I guess I'm confused: is it more of an insult, now, to add you to my favorites or not to?

Excellent point, 2e! I think I'd say that adding a site to your favorites is always complimentary but often ephemeral. Maybe it's because so much web-surfing is whimsical to begin with; you're likely to find Strangely Dim, for example, only after stumbling onto the InterVarsity Press website. Maybe I need to ask a new question, one I now recall I originally heard from Margaret Feinberg:

What websites are must-see for you, that you'd return to regularly. And to build on that question: what makes these sites so consistently compelling?

I'll accept family tree sites, your weblog, whatever you can subsequently explain your compulsion for. I'll even allow posts about internet gambling as long as you're not just some lame spammer and as long as you're willing to tell the world (or the five of us) that you have a gambling addiction--in which case, if you send me a dollar there's a chance I might send you two dollars back.

Hey, it's worth a shot.

Posted by Dave Zimmerman at March 29, 2006 2:05 PM Bookmark and Share


Favorites? Hmmm. Well, I do have bookmarks, but I've never really used the "favorites" folder. It always seemed way to general for me.

But effectively, my "favorites" are those who reside in my RSS reader. You've got to meet two standards to make it into my reader: 1 - your interesting enough that I would come back to read what you've written; 2 - you've got an RSS feed. (The Safari browser has a built in one. When someone updates their blog/site, a little number appears next to their bookmark and off I go to see what they've written!)

Both of your blogs qualify, Dave! You're neatly filed under Fam&Friends RSS Feeds. So every time you post something new, I'm alerted within the hour. And I ususally check several times a day to see who's posted & then go and read!

Comment by: Macon Stokes at March 29, 2006 9:12 PM

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