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April 1, 2008

Kill the Rabbit

It's the first of the month, which normally would mean you, gentle reader, and I and Lisa and countless others would frantically race to be the first to say "Rabbit," or if you're from Pennsylvania, "Rabbit Rabbit." Unfortunately, that little game has come to an end.

My boss, Andy, apparently has a "low" view of the rabbit as a species. He went into this really long explanation of why having a rabbit showing up so regularly on our website cheapens our image and subverts our mission of promoting a "serious-minded" Christianity. To be totally honest I checked out partway through the rant, but I think he mentioned something about St. Valentine or St. Patrick--one of those saints we waste a whole day celebrating unthinkingly every year.

I thought I'd fight it, but then some of the folks in marketing started complaining. Apparently making such a big deal month after month about a rabbit creates "brand confusion," seeing as how the Likewise logo has a donkey in it. Someone actually said--get this--"I want people to see donkeys and think Likewise. If they see Likewise and think rabbits, we've lost them." What does that even mean?!? It misses the point entirely. I know Jesus says you're not supposed to call people fools, but on a day like this I'm pretty tempted to do just that.

So there you go. By group-think fiat I'm being forced to cancel a game that's brought myself and a few others a bit of amusement and a nice point of connection every month for more than a year now. I don't mind telling you I'm pretty irritated. Maybe my corporate blog isn't the smartest place to air my frustration--the sort of thing that on any other day would get a fellow fired. But let me tell you, the bloom is off the rose. Oops--did I say rose?!? I hope that didn't create "brand confusion" for all you readers out there! I hope the rose is sophisticated enough a flower for such an august publisher as IVP. Oh no, did I say "august" in April?!?

I don't know about my esteemed colleagues, but I have faith in you, gentle reader. I think together we'll figure this whole thing out.

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Nooooo!!!! Don't kill the rabbit! Well, pooh on all the rabbit haters out there. It's just like when Veggie Tales changed their bunny song because they got complaints from parents. The original version said, "The bunny, the bunny, I love the bunny," which some parents thought was idolatrous (it was a retelling of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego), so Veggie Tales caved and changed it to "I ate the bunny" (it was a chocolate bunny song). Bunch of wussies. Well, I love the bunny and the rabbit, and you can't kill it! Rabbit rabbit rabbit!

Comment by: Wendy at April 1, 2008 7:41 AM

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