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March 6, 2012

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

Who would you say is the IVP employee you know best? Some iconic names come to mind:

  • Jim Sire, the emeritus editorial director, occasional diplomat and famous author of books like The Universe Next Door
  • Andy Le Peau, future emeritus editorial director, blogger at Andy Unedited and coauthor of the official anecdotal history of InterVarsity Press, Heart. Soul. Mind. Strength.
  • Al Hsu, associate editor with the standing record for most offices occupied, world traveler, penner of the most informative birthday greetings on Facebook and author of books like The Suburban Christian
  • Adrianna Wright, improvisational comedian, equestrian, online publicity manager and resident extrovert
  • Bob Fryling, publisher of InterVarsity Press with a decades-long tenure as leader and mentor to IVP staff and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus ministers alike, and author of The Leadership Ellipse and every goo-goo-eyed pair's favorite resource, A Handbook for Engaged Couples

You might say these folks, but you'd be wrong. The IVP employee you know best is Rebecca Larson, web content and community manager, occasional cover designer and Mad Lib guru. You know Rebecca because she's behind a big chunk of the stuff about IVP that you find yourself coming into contact with.

Rebecca oversees our social media presence and writes our Likewise Notebook (the occasional e-newsletter you would receive if you would only click here and sign up for it). She's managed many of our reader surveys over the years and designed, among other things, the cover for the fourth edition of Jim Sire's The Universe Next Door (see above) and the logo for a currently gestating line of books. (More on that to come.) She's been the face of our occasional Whiteboard video communiques and a regular anonymous player in our occasional in-house-generated book promotional videos. And maybe most importantly, she's been contributing to Strangely Dim for two and half years. And now she's leaving.

Rebecca's been with IVP for thirteen years, which is hard to believe. We've been coworkers and friends through any number of life transitions, from her wedding (my first and last failed attempt at DJing) to her move across the country and eventual return to Chicago, to the birth last year of her son, who through an accident of timing became the first visitor in IVP's history to be required to sign in and wear a nametag. Rebecca is as iconic an IVP employee as all those folks you thought you knew so well. She's proven herself omnicompetent and omnipleasant(tm), to the point that it's hard to imagine IVP without her.

Turns out she's taken a job just down the road apiece, which is nice for the occasional lunch or whatnot, but as pertains to ad hoc Mad Libs and shared playlists on iTunes, we're all out of luck. Please pray for us, and please add your comments below to wish Rebecca the best.

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Blessings to you in your new endeavors, Rebecca! I am sure you will well-missed by your IVP colleagues, but I hope your transition goes smoothly. Congrats!--All best, Helen Lee

Comment by: Helen Lee at March 6, 2012 10:43 AM

And Rebecca wrote a lot of IVP catalogs and advertisements over the years! And website copy! Sometimes she also designed these things. The woman has mad skills.

Comment by: Sally Craft at March 7, 2012 10:43 PM

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