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May 9, 2012

Quick Thoughts: These Are the Rebeccas We Know

If you believe Wikipedia, then you'll believe--despite no external corroborating evidence--that May is "National Rebecca Appreciation Month." The whole notion of it seems pretty contrived; my best guess is that some hormone-and-moxie-charged high school senior (probably in band or AP English) wanted to ask some girl named Rebecca to prom. I note, much to my irritation, that no one has declared a "National Dave Appreciation Month," although the Kids in the Hall came close.

But I digress. I'm supposed to be appreciating Rebecca. So I'll start by introducing you to Rebecca Carhart, a former editorial intern here at InterVarsity Press who recently joined the staff as a part-time editorial assistant while she completes her graduate degree. She blogs here; you'll like her stuff.

She's not the only Rebecca in the vicinity of Strangely Dim, of course; until very recently we had a Rebecca among our cobloggers: Rebecca Larson, who served as IVP's web content and community manager for several years. She left IVP for a new job in March; fortunately for us, she works just down the road apiece, so we still get to see her every now and then. But you probably don't. So to make your National Rebecca Appreciation Month plans a little easier, here are some of Rebecca's greatest hits from Strangely Dim.

"The Unexpected Guest," a post about becoming a parent.

"Love Gets Smaller," a post about being a neighbor.

"Summer Madlib," a quick, playful diversion.

"The Gospel in Glee," a riff on how choir singing can be a spiritual practice.

And finally, "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie," our bittersweet farewell to Rebecca post from a couple of months ago.

So, those are the Rebeccas we know. We hope you like them; National Rebecca Appreciation Month is as good an excuse as any to show them (and all the other Rebeccas, and really anyone who needs it) some love.

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Rebecca Larson is a writer/designer/creative type who has infiltrated IVP's web department, where she writes and edits online content. She enjoys a good pun and loves the smell of freshly printed books.

David A. Zimmerman is an editor for Likewise Books and a columnist for Burnside Writers Collective. He's written three books, most recently The Parable of the Unexpected Guest. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/unexpguest. Find his personal blog at loud-time.com.

Suanne Camfield is a publicist for InterVarsity Press and a freelance writer. She floats ungracefully between work, parenting and writing, and (much to her dismay) finds it impossible to read on a treadmill. She is a member of the Redbud Writers Guild and blogs at The Rough Cut.

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