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August 17, 2012

Best Books on Calling and Vocation--A Perspective from the Emerging Scholars Network

This summer we here at Strangely Dim have been exploring the question of calling, at least partly in anticipation of this winter's triennial Urbana Student Missions Conference, where thousands of college students converge to think deeply about what God might have them do with their lives. You might say that InterVarsity has calling fever, since our friends and colleagues at the InterVarsity Emerging Scholars blog are compiling a list of good books that address the issue of vocation. You can see what they've come up with here (be sure to scan the comments, where you'll find gems like Brian Mahan's Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose). Three of the four entries in the post proper are published by us:

9780830835546.jpgCourage and Calling
by Gordon Smith, which is helpfully "analytical," consistently offering "a good definition for a concept, or a discussion of some specific issue, such as matching your personal calling with the corporate calling of an organization or business."

9780830833948.jpgCulture Makingby Andy Crouch, which "deals with the questions of human calling in general: Why do we work? How do we approach culture? Do the artifacts of human culture have eternal value?"


9780830833191.jpgThe Fabric of Faithfulnessby Steve Garber, which has been hailed by one influential bookseller as one of the best books of the past ten years and which "explores the issue of living a consistent life, in which our actions, decisions, career, etc., match what we say we believe."

Be sure to check out ESN's list and then let us know which you think are the best of the best!


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Yes, we have "calling fever" over at the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, but so does all of InterVarsity. To God be the glory!

Not sure how it's come to be, but Mike and I have pretty much the same list ;) Of course, we'll keep reading through the good recommendations offered by those who have commented AND as we come across new publications.

Bonus: On G+, Jeff Barneson highlighted that during his recent sabbatical he read Adele Calhoun's "Invitations from God" and loved her reflections on the various calls God makes upon our lives. He found it beautifully written and pushing out the boundaries of what many of us were taught to think of God's call. cf. http://speakingofjesus.wordpress.com

Comment by: Thomas B. Grosh IV at August 18, 2012 11:19 AM

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