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October 12, 2012

Lament for a Lyricist: The Best of Lisa Rieck

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Our little Lisa Rieck is leaving our little nest. She's taken a job in a whole 'nother state: Wisconsin, home to cheese, fireworks and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Lisa will be writing and editing for our parent organization (working closely with Adam Jeske, coauthor of the recent Likewise book This Ordinary Adventure), and we wish her well in it. We'll miss her here, of course, but we're hoping that we'll still get to enjoy a post from her every now and again. In the meantime, here are some of Lisa's greatest hits, focusing on her unique poetic stylings.


Good readers, I want you to know
I've missed your bright comments, your glow.
I cried for a while
I missed your great style
and my heart was filled with much woe.

But joy fills my heart up today
and beams out like a soft sunny ray (which, I might add, we haven't seen here in a while)
Yes, I can't wait to read
your own rhymes, for I need
to know what you all have to say!
--from "There once was a girl who missed blogging . . ." October 27, 2009


Ode to Boca Chik'n Meatless Patties
Versatile, versatile,
easy and quick,
of frozen food options
these are my top pick!

They're tasty, and healthy,
and kind to the chicks
(not a feather was harmed
when these patties were mixed!).

They go well on salad,
in wraps or on bread.
Add dressing and cheeses,
or mustard instead.

Packed full of good soy,
then breaded and cooked,
just one taste of these and
I bet you'll be hooked.

Ninety seconds on high
in a good microwave
and you're ready to eat--
oh the time you will save!

So rush out and buy some
they're worth every buck.
(If I beat you there,
you might be out of luck.)

Try them with couscous,
make one for a friend,
the options are endless.
Soon you will depend

on Boca's fine patties
for dinner each night.
Even if you can't cook
they'll turn out just right!

I'm confident soon
with me you'll agree
they're simply fantastic--
just try them and see!
--from "We Interrupt Our Lenten Reflections . . ." March 12, 2010


Sum folks may claim (I wont name names)
that editing need, we don't
I; ofer you hear
ode an that makes clear
why survyving without it--we won't

Things are A miss (I promise u this)!
without a good editor's eyes
we labour for. You
to make errorrs few
so all of your books are good buys.

Idaes shine threw and words becomme new
when editing! work is done well
And what the is test
of an editors best  ?
Reader, you are the one who can tell!
--from "Ode to Editing," December 3, 2007


Oh moto, you charm me:

threading through Phnom Penh streets
with grace and ease, your rubber meets
both cement and dirt, sidewalk and road
with ease and grace, whate'er the load
(you carry mattresses, balloons,
five men at once 'neath suns and moons,
or babies in their parent's arms,
papaya, ladders, rice from farms--
there's almost nothing you don't hold,
this, more than once, our team was told.)
Your riders drive with confidence 
(and generally with less expense.)
You hardly ever have to stop
unless you see a watching cop;
at red lights you can simply slow
and weave amidst the coming flow
of traffic, people, ox-pulled carts.
Your feats did stop our sheltered hearts
more times than I can here recount.
For you, moto, respect did mount;
you're moving up among the ranks--

but I'll still drive my car with thanks.
--from "Kudos to Motos," November 27, 2007


Please post your farewell odes, limericks, free verse or even prose to Lisa as she heads to the great cheesy north.
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Wow, Nike. You're making Lisa feel so special. Thanks!

Comment by: Dave at October 13, 2012 6:59 AM

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